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Information about our vendors and source farms.


MILK NOT JAILS - Milk, Yogurt & Butter

Milk Not Jails is a not-for-profit organization working to help New York dairy farmers survive.  We are an alliance of urban and rural people, who believe that the state should be investing in farm sustainability, not prisons, as the future of New York's rural economy.  Our alliance works to increase consumption of New York made dairy products and to pass reforms that create healthier economic development and criminal justice policies. Everytime you buy Milk Not Jails you put money in the hands of New York farmers and power in the hands of the prison justice movement.  Find out more about the connection between milk and jails and www.milknotjails.org


RED JACKET ORCHARDS - Fruit, Juice, Cider


Located in Geneva, NY, Red Jacket Orchards is an orchard and juice company managed by the third and second-generation relatives of Joe and Emily Nicholson, who began operating the orchard in 1958. Red Jacket consists of over 600 acres of productive orchard, including 7 different farms located 8 miles or less from the packinghouse. Red Jacket uses and Integrated Pest Management system, whose primary objective is “to employ cultural and biological control tools, while minimizing the use of environmentally disruptive chemicals, in order to build a balanced and sustainable orchard ecosystem.”  Red Jacket is a Food Alliance “Sustainable Producer.” 












WINTER SUN FARMS - Frozen Vegetables (Winter Only)


Winter Sun Farms partners with farms in the Hudson Valley to bring you fresh and frozen vegetables and fruit locally grown fruits and vegetables throughout the winter months.






Upstate Harvest is a family-run business located in Chenango County, NY on the former Deer Valley Organic Farm. Upstate produces seven different kinds of granola, including Cranberry Almond Crunch, Coffee-Walnut, and Pumpkin Spice. All of the granolas are free of additives, preservatives, and added sugar. They are naturally sweetened with honey or maple syrup sourced from upstate New York.



BARRY'S TEMPEH - Local Tempeh

Barry makes small batch tempeh that is fresh, beautiful and creamy. Tempeh is a crafted food made from beans and grains, these are grown by local farmers. He makes several types including: sprouted oats/barley/soy, peanut/peanut soy, Black bean/Cumin, White bean/herb de provence, Yellow split pea (not grown locally), Sprouted oat/Barley and Peanut/Soy.Check our our Tempeh FAQ.



The Brooklyn Roasting Company offers New Yorkers best quality Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, and Organic certified and sustainable coffees.  We buy superbly flavorful certified coffees because we think that’s the best way to ensure that farmers (and by that we don’t just mean people who own farms) receive fair payment for the crops they grow and harvest. To guarantee truly exemplary cup quality, we rigorously taste all of our coffees before deciding whether or not to buy them, and again before they ship whenever possible. We roast the beans we purchase in small batches in our Loring Kestrel 1/2 bag roaster –the most advanced small-scale commercial roaster available — to “dial in” the perfect roast and most ideal cup profile. We taste the coffee again. We know that what we package for sale to our customers is delicious because we’ve built a quality control system that our own tastebuds tell us works. We’re certainly not the only coffee company offering delicious coffees, there are others. But we’re also pretty serious about “green thinking:” recycled materials and refurbished equipment use, clean-powered distribution (bicycle and bio-deisel van), and old-fashioned friendliness. We’re not really coffee snobs, we’re just very dedicated coffee lovers that only settle for the best.


CAYUGA PURE ORGANICS - Beans, Grains, Flour
Beans: Red, Black, Navy, Soybeans
Grains: Wheat berries, Rye berries, Spelt, Farro, Freekeh, Polenta�Flour: Whole wheat, Corn meal, Half/Half whole wheat & white, Whole wheat pastry, Whole spelt, Buckwheat�Website:


CROP-TO-CUP - Coffee
Crop to Cup is a single-origin coffee company that aims to minimize the distribution chain between small family farmers and the coffee consumer. They travel to coffee-growing regions to develop relationships with farmer cooperatives and family farms. From there C2C helps to set up communication infrastructure, such as e-mail and GPS, that allows farmers to be more connected to their consumers. C2C pays farmers 20% premiums above market price, 5% of every coffee purchase, and 10% of company profits directly. They offer three different types of coffee to CSA: a Dark roast, a mild roast and a Decaf. Origins vary depending on availability, these details will be provided to members before the season begins.



Hot Bread Kitchen is a not-for-profit bakery located in Harlem, NY. HBK is a job-skills training program that provides low-income, foreign-born women with management-track job skills training in the artisan bread baking industry. In addition to learning valuable baking skills, women take paid ESL classes. The bakery is committed to preserving the baking traditions of the women they work with and aside from selling gourmet artisan breads, they also incorporate a wide variety of edibles inspired by the countries their bakers immigrate from. HBK sources locally whenever possible, sourcing many ingredients from Cayuga Pure Organics in upstate NY. They offer both a weekly Extraordinary Multi-Grain Loaf and a changing Seasonal Delectable, like Ciabatta, Handmade Corn Tortillas, or foccacia.





Kutik’s is a family owned and operated honey farm in Norwich, NY started and maintained by Chuck Kutik. He began the farm in 1977, migrating back and forth between New York in the warmer months and South Carolina and Florida in the winter months. By migrating, he is able to assist southern farmers with pollinating crops like watermelon and cucumber and keep his buzzing bee colony warm and productive. Kutik’s honey, unlike most supermarket honey’s, is minimally heated during processing. The result is a more full-bodied and flavored honey with more natural health and flavor components preserved in each spoonful.



Marcia is a longtime Washington Square CSA partner and bakes 100% vegan delights that are organic and locally-sourced whenever possible. Pickup will vary every pickup and will include: Carrot bread, Apple bread, Banana bread, Pumpkin bread (contains unique spice blend), Marcia’s Homemade Granola. â�¨Ingredients: all products are 100% vegan (contain no animal products) and low in sugar.

Basic ingredients include vegan, organic sugar, New York State whole wheat flour from Cayuga Organics, Aluminum-free baking powder, expeller-pressed Canola oil, dried fruit, nuts, Almond milk, Organic spices, applesauce.

Marcia’s Homemade Granola: this granola is crispy & loose. Contains: Expeller-pressed Canola oil, Organic Rolled Oats, Organic Almonds, Organic Cranberries, Dry Uncrystallized ginger, Flax seeds, Organic Raisins, Agave Nectar, Mixed nuts, Sunflower seeds. Empty granola containers are returned each week and refilled to reduce use of plastics.

NIBMOR - Chocolate Share

NibMor ingredients are All Natural and Organic, and in small batches. Without the use if refined sugar, dairy, gluten and GMO, these chocolate bars are simple, healthy and delicious.â�¨Ingredients:  Organic Cacao Butter, Organic Agave Nectar, Organic Cacao, Raw Vanilla, Sea Salt, Non-GMO Soy Lecithin (an emulsifier), Organic Raw Almonds, Organic Gluten Free Crispy Brown Rice.


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