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WSCSA Pickup #11 - Tuesday August 22

Posted 8/20/2018 8:19pm by Core Committee.


These veggies will be on the truck tomorrow:

  • Carrots
  • Squash
  • Melons
  • Eggplants
  • Green Beans
  • Yellow Onions
  • Tomatillos
  • Tomatoes 
  • Corn
Fruit Share: 
  • Yellow Peaches
  • Yellow Nectarines
  • Zestar Apples 


Grated Squash, Corn, and Tomatillo Tacos

corn tomatillo tacos

I'm so excited to finally get corn this week! If you haven't blended up your tomatillos from last week yet, here's an easy recipe that also uses our summer squash. 


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Hi Members,

We're looking for an additional volunteer this week in the 2-4pm slot. Stop by and help out if you can. Also, if you haven't had a chance to sign up for your volunteer shifts yet, be sure to do so here. Once the fall season starts, we will open up shifts through November, and all summer members are required to fulfill two shifts per season. 

Also, our fall registration is now open! Our shares include the fall season, but if you know of anyone who is looking to join the CSA, please direct them to our website to sign up. Pickup starts September 11, runs for 9 weeks and costs $185. And, if you missed out on a weekly fruit share this summer and want to add one for the 9 week fall season, you can do so at our returning member page. Payment is due Friday, August 24. 

The WSCSA Core Committee  



The rain and thunderstorms reported last week and through this week led to flooding in our fields (pictured, right).  So now in addition to our normal work we have to clean up and replant where possible. These events are very stressful as we nurture these plants and when we see this destruction it is like losing family.

Questions from CSA members:

I have a question for the farm: what produce is hardest to transport?

This question is dependent on the mix of vegetables we want to transport. If we are trying to transport summer and winter crops together this is where it gets hard as things like tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants are best transported at 45- 55 while things like lettuce is best transported at 33 degrees. There are also items that get bruised or broken such as heirloom tomatoes and little baby flower watermelons due to the truck bouncing down the road from farm to CSA site. Our refrigerated truck can only be set at one temperature so we often have to compromise on temps to suit all transported vegetables.  

We also had a question about the verities of basil we include in the CSA.

They all can be used as traditional Genovese basil can be used. The purple basil for example was used in a tomato salad recently featured at Gramercy Tavern for one of their market lunches. If you have more questions like this I will try to get answers from some of our chef customers. Keep the questions coming….

(Editor's note: if you have any questions for Zaid and the team, email us at info@washingtonquarecsa.com and we'll share them!)

Thank you,
Norwich Meadows Farm

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, please don't hesitate to let us know by emailing us at info@washingtonsquarecsa.com!


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