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Market Days

Every season the Washington Square CSA offers Market Days, in which members can "add-on" products on a per-item basis. This allows members to try new products from local farms, or to purchase one or two units of a particular item that was not purchased with a full share.

How do Market Days work? Various farms inform the Washington Square CSA when they have additional items available for purchase, and when they will be available. The CSA accepts pre-orders from members who wish to purchase  additional products. This typically occurs a week or more in advance of pick-up. Members collect their Market Day products during the week pick-up. Please note if the Market Day items are not picked up during the weekly distribution these can not be saved or credited.

Market Day Options 2016
July 19

Dairy & Miscellaneous (Norwich Meadows Farm)
    •    Palatine Cheese
    •    Kriemhild Butter (unsalted/salted)
    •    Kriemhild Creme Fraiche
    •    Apple Cider
    •    Kutiks Clover/Wildflower Honey
    •    Maple Syrup
    •    Squash Puree
    •    Whole Milk
    •    Yogurt
    •    Eggs

Dairy & Meat (Lewis Waite Farm)
    •    Farmstead Cheddar
    •    AP Whole Wheat Flour
    •    Rye Flour
    •    Hamburger Patties
    •    Hangar Steak
    •    Chicken Breasts/Wings
    •    Bison Short Ribs
    •    Breakfast Sausage Links

Pickled Items (Norwich Meadows Farm)
    •    Beets
    •    Okra
    •    Sweet/Hot Peppers
    •    Garlic Scapes
    •    Dilly Beans
    •    Tomato Puree

Jams (Norwich Meadows Farm)
    •    Strawberry
    •    Raspberry
    •    Blueberry
    •    Husk Cherry
    •    Ginger

Pasta (Sfoglini)
    •    Einkorn Blend Macaroni
    •    Whole Grain Blend Reginetti
    •    Beet/Ramp Fusilli
    •    Semolina Trumpets/Zucca

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