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The Summer & Fall Share

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at info@washingtonsquarecsa.com!


Registration Deadlines:
Part of the value of a CSA, for the farm, is to get startup money before the season starts so that they are better prepared for members and markets. However, this only works when members pay early. Therefore, we have 2 pricing deadlines to encourage early sign-ups.

1st Discount Summer deadline - Thursday, January 1, 2015 = $325

2nd Discount Summer deadline - Thursday, January 29, 2015 = $340

3rd Discount Summer deadline - Monday, April 13, 2015 = $350

Final Summer deadline (full price) - EXTENDED to May 13, 2015 = $395

Fall Share deadline - TBA in August

Our distribution site:  We are hoping to continue our partnership with St. Mark's Church in the Bowery (131 East 10th Street @ 2nd Avenue) for the upcoming summer season.


The Summer Share

This is our basic share of organic produce running for 20-22 weeks (depending on the weather).  Summer share weekly pick-ups typically begin in June and end in October or November. Shares consist mostly of vegetables and do not include fruit (with the exception of melons). Produce is grown in Norwich, New York, see Norwich Meadows Farm for more information.

The Fall Share

This share is designed for people who are away for the Summer such as college students, staff and faculty. For Fall shares, pickups usually begin after Labor day and continue through the end of the summer season.  Fall shares and Summer shares are exactly the same in terms of frequency, quantity and variety; the only difference is the start date.  Sign up for the fall 2015 season will be available in July or August.

Add-on Shares & Market Days

In addition to the weekly vegetable shares, Washington Square CSA members have access to a variety of additional local products, including fruit, eggs, dairy, and meat.  For more information about the many options available, check out our add-ons page and our market days page.  These pages will be updated continually throughout the spring, as more information about our 2015 offerings becomes available.

Pickup time and location:

Summer and Fall share distribution will be on a weeknight from 4pm-8pm at our distribution site (St. Mark's).  We have distributed on Tuesday evenings for the past several seasons, and will be able to confirm whether we'll continue with Tuesday distribution very soon.

Every Summer season has a different start date but pickups usually start mid-June and end the first week of November. Fall shares start in early September.  See Pickup Location for more information.


The Summer share is a weekly pickup for a total of 20-22 pickups. Fall shares are weekly for 10-11 weeks. Due to lack of storage, missed pickups cannot be compensated or refunded. You may arrange to sell or share individual pickups through our Facebook page.


Enough fresh produce for 1-3 individuals depending on your diet, goals and cooking style. During peak season, a share weighs about 20 lbs and fills approximately 2 regular canvas bags. If you plan to preserve the harvest for Winter, you may prefer 2 shares.


Items in each pickup change weekly and are determined by the farmer according to what is in season. For a sense of our typical crops and length of season for each please see our recorded harvests below.


Summer 2014 Harvest

Summer 2013 Harvest

Summer 2012 Harvest

Summer 2010 Harvest

Summer 2009 Harvest

WSCSA Fall Pick-Up: TODAY, Tuesday, Oct 6October 6th, 2015

      WHAT'S COMING: We're looking forward to... carrots husk cherries swiss chard onions peppers radishes squash tomatillos biweekly and weekly fruit members: seckel pears, Conco

WSCSA Fall Pick-Up: Tuesday, Sept 22September 21st, 2015

      WHAT'S COMING: We're looking forward to... beets carrots corn fennel pac choi peppers radishes mountain magic tomatoes bi-weekly and weekly fruit members: Italian plums, pea

WSCSA Fall Pick-Up: Tuesday, September 15September 14th, 2015

      WHAT'S COMING: We have not yet received the harvest list from the farm. Their best guess is we'll get some combination of the following - expect some changes, though! red pe

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