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3 Types of Shares

Summer Share: Produced by Norwich Meadows Farm, organic summer produce consist of vegetables and does not include fruit (with the exception of melon). Weekly pick-ups occur on Tuesdays from 4-8 PM from mid-June to October/ November, depending on the weather for a total of 20-22 pick ups.

Fall Share: Produced by Norwich Meadows Farm, organic fall produce consist of vegetables and does not include fruit. Fall Shares offer the same frequency, quantity and variety of Summer Shares, but begins after Labor Day. This share is ideal for people who are away for the summer such as college students, staff and faculty. Fall Share usually begin after Labor Day through October/November for a total of 10-11 pick ups. Weekly pick-ups occur on Tuesdays from 4-8 PM, and sign up for the Fall 2016 Shares will begin in July/August.

Winter Share: Produced by Norwich Meadows Farm, organic winter produce consist of consists of root crops, winter greens and a variety of dairy and jarred products from local farmers on a monthly basis with 5 or 6 pick ups depending on the plan. Winter pickups are from December through May (five or six pick-ups). We offer 3 types of Winter Shares: Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian; Omnivore; and Vegan Frozen Share (Winter Sun Farms/The Farm Bridge Shares). This share is designed to assist the farm with critical funds to cover the cost of seed, equipment, repairs, and other materials.

1. Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian Share also includes dairy and eggs provides enough food for 1-3 individuals depending on consumption and diet. This share weighs approximately 20-25 pounds per pickup and fills 2-3 canvas totes. Cost = ~$320/6 pick ups

2. Omnivore Share also includes dairy, eggs, ground beef and chicken provides enough food for 1-3 individuals depending on consumption and diet. This share weighs approximately 15-20 pounds per pickup and fills 2 canvas totes. The Omnivore share weighs less than the Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian share but equals in value.  Cost = ~$320/ 6 pick ups

3. Vegan Frozen Share consists of a 5-month share option from Winter Sun Farms. Pick-ups include 7 items: tomato puree, red and yellow peppers, blueberries, sweet corn, green beans, broccoli, butternut squash puree, fall greens, edamame, cauliflower and/or fresh pea shoots. All items are frozen or jarred except fresh pea sprouts. Cost = ~$162 /5 pick ups


Other Information

Add-Ons & Market Days: In addition to the weekly vegetable Washington Square CSA members have access to a variety of additional local products, including fruit, eggs, dairy, and meat. For more information about the many options go to Add-Ons and Market Days.

Quantity: The CSA shares provide fresh produce for 1-3 individuals depending upon diet, goals and cooking style. During peak season a share weighs approximately 20 pounds and fills  2 regular large tote bags. Winter Shares are somewhat smaller, and you opt to subscribe to 2 shares.

Variety: Each week items change, and the offerings are determined by the farmer according to what is in season. The below links provide information regarding items offered and length of each share.

Summer 2015       Summer 2014    Summer 2013
Summer 2012       Summer 2010    Summer 2009

Distribution: St. Mark's Church in the Bowery 131 East 10th Street (between 2 & 3 Avenues). Due to lack of storage missed pick ups can not be refunded, however they will be donated to a local food pantry. You may arrange to sell or share individual pickups through Washington Square CSA Facebook Group.

Registration Deadlines: The value of CSAs the farmers and members to work together, providing the farmer with ample time to plan and prepare in advance of the season. This means CSAs work best when members subscribe well in advance of the season. To that end, an early bird discount is designed to encourage early registration.

    •    Fall Share 2016 registration will start July/August.
    •    Summer 2016 registration is CLOSED.
    •    $380  Early Bird Summer Share Discount   Due: March 20, 2016  
    •    $420  Summer Share (Full Price)                Due: May 1, 2016


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